Hoof Oil or Snake Oil?

We recently had an interaction that inspired us to give a brief lesson on hoof health and the benefits of hoof oil. An individual commented on our All Natural Hoof Oil, asserting that hoof oil is snake oil. His position was that horses in the wild don’t need hoof oil, so why would we need to use it on our domesticated horses?

Well… because we’ve domesticated them! He’s right- horses in the wild don’t need hoof oil, because they don’t have humans rasping, trimming and shodding their hooves. What happens when we rasp a hoof excessively? We remove its protective layer, thereby disrupting the natural moisture balance of the hoof. This layer, called the periople (aka limbis), is a waxy, phospholipid membrane that allows the hoof to maintain its moisture levels, as well as protect new growth. Additionally, it offers protection from infection and injury. Of course, nutrition and genetics play the largest roles in hoof health, but our removal of this protective layer is a "man-made" practice resulting in an imbalance. 

A horse’s hoof should be strong, yet not brittle. Both excessively moist and excessively dry hooves are problematic. Our All Natural Hoof Oil contains larch tree resin (also called venice turpentine), a natural compound commonly used as a hoof hardener. Coupled with moisturizing plant oils, our formula helps to both harden and provide moisture to the hoof's keratin, allowing it to grow healthy and strong. The hoof’s sole and frog are prone to soreness, cracking, thrush, etc. Our oil is designed to increase blood flow and fight fungus, therefore easing discomfort, inflammation, and thrush infections.

To wrap this up, hoof oil is often a necessary component of hoof maintenance. Hoof health is arguably the most important aspect of horse care- you’ve heard the expression, no hoof, no horse! A good farrier is an invaluable resource in keeping your horse sound, both by maintaining the hoof and helping you create a hoof care regimen. By evaluating the state of your horse’s hooves, you’ll be able to choose the correct product for your horse's specific needs. That’s why we created an All Natural Hoof Oil appropriate for a wide variety of hoof conditions.
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Luckily your hoof oil is amazing…Thank you for the education. Very well written!

Snake oil is ridiculous

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