Who We Are


The Hoof & Paw Co. was born out of a necessity for high quality, safe and effective pet care solutions. We offer over 25 all natural wellness & grooming products, each hand crafted. Our formulas are developed, tested, marketed, sold and packaged in-house. Our customer base spans across all 50 states, as well as internationally, including Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and France. 

Our Founder

In 2021, Tess Vogel set out to formulate a line of products that were effective and safe for animals, humans and the environment. As a Biologist with a medical background, she possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to develop such formulas. Being a lifetime nature and animal lover, as well as an avid equestrian, it is of the utmost importance for her to formulate only the safest and kindest products for our four legged (and two legged) friends, as well as our Earth. She lives on a small farm with her significant other Kyle, two dogs, and 20 chickens, which serves as The Hoof & Paw Co.’s operation center. 

Our Product Line

Our entire operation is in-house, from the initial product idea all the way through order fulfillment. We offer a full line of all natural formulas, each uniquely created to achieve the desired effect without the use of toxic synthetic ingredients. We source our ingredients from suppliers that perform routine purity and safety testing, as well as sustainable acquisition practices. Our approach is unmatched, with the understanding that natural doesn’t mean better. It is only when natural ingredients are coupled with thorough research, precise formulation and responsible marketing that the perfect natural product is created. 

Each proprietary formula goes through a rigorous, multi-faceted trial process; it starts with human testing- Tess first tests out the products on herself before allowing others to do so (yes, really!), proceeding to animal testing only once the team is comfortable with its safety and efficacy. Subsequently, our network of equine and canine animal owners is surveyed for feedback. After this process is complete, any necessary adjustments are made, and the process of packaging design and marketing begins.